A rosy-cheeked, jazzed-up face from Folamour’s latest label FHUO Records, Parviz’s musique is full of those balmy, ingenuous keys that makes you wanna go places and spaces.
His first EP « Alerte à Babylone », split with Folamour himself, explored the many facets of jazz-funk — packed with a bunch of floor-fillers, and a great sense of emotion along the way.
Raised in the southern provinces of France, his cultural upbringing doesn’t quite draw from a single source — there’s a bit of everything, from and for everyone, and this mix reflects just that.

From acid jazz keys to bossa rhythms and syncoped house bits, this 60-minute collection of soulful hymns is a dedication to all free birds of this world: those who still believe in the force of mestizaje, the beauty of rejoicing cultures and the thrill of taking a leap towards new horizons.
A love letter to all the househeads of Iran, who embody, more vividly than ever, the very notion of underground; and a little thank-you note to Sharam and Deep Dish, for their legacy and trailblazing spirit.


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