PREMIERE : Aananda – Oxted Moods [ART VIBES MUSIC]

Facebook: Beatport: Youtube: Berlin-based duo Aananda debuts on Art Vibes with ‘Oxted Moods’, a dreamy house-infused EP. Iman Deeper and Hubrist joined forces to create Aananda, highly inspired by electronica & deep house. The duo also performs live through ... Read More »

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VAKHO He’s a DJ, record collector co-founder of Vodkast Records

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Olin Olin has been quietly offering up his unique take on dance music. With several recent releases on respected labels such as Argot, Discovery, God Particle, Night Owl Diner, and Detour, Olin has cast a wide net with his productions, which range ... Read More »

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Kamyar Keramati

Kamyar Keramati Born and raised in Tehran and now a resident in Germany. Kamyar Keramati started his career as a music producer at the age of 15 and he’s been producing different genres such as rock, new wave, post punk, ... Read More »

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Ali Phi

Ali Phi Ali Phi (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) is media artist and interaction designer. His works explore connections between programming , generative audio-visual design, interactive media & immersive environment installations. After working in the field of experimental cinema and underground music movement ... Read More »

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