Tehran Night #208 Leja Hazer (Vinyl Only)


At just 24 years old, Chicago’s Leja Hazer is the label head of the Hesperian Sound label which has released artists like HVL and Wasserfall. He works at the world famous record store, Gramaphone Records where Chicago legends like Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, and Ralphie Rosario have cut their teeth behind the shop’s DJ booth. With influences spanning from Jazz to Hip Hop to Soul and Funk, Leja tends to lean towards groovy and laid back vibes while still showing some Chicago grit. His monthly radio show (Gentle Thoughts) on nofunradio.com gives him the opportunity to show off his crate-digging Jazz and Soul side while his monthly residence at Gramaphone’s Hideout night allows him to connect with dancefloors.


Yuri Shulgin – Walking
Ron Trent – Hooked On Your Love
David Astri – Dancing Digits
Dave Maze – Feels Good (DJ Cease Remix)
Darryn Jones Mouth Passion
Larry Heard – Mercurian Funk
Torres – Can’t Get Enough (Spanish)
Isoul8 ‎– How I Feel (ft. Kaidi Tatham)
M.T. aka Bayaka ‎– Mi Latino Americana Flor (Dub Mix)
Neon Phusion – Timeless Motion
Nine Yards ‎– Always Find A Way (Modaji Remix)

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