PREMIERE : Oresm – Intarestelar [Silencio Record Label]


Oresm are a new duo featuring Pedro Tura (Click Box) and Dorival Rozek Junior. Their introductory release Interstellar sonically represents a journey through the galaxy that is sure to take you beyond the dance floor without ever having to step off it.
As the title track suggests, ‘Interstellar’ has you floating at zero gravity as you take in the wonders of the galaxy. With intense intervals of driving drums and sound particles that seemingly surround as you drift around a black hole without ever being swallowed by it.
‘Jupiter’ continues the journey with track number two in the form of a melody and driving bassline. It starts off simple enough –but before you know it, the artistry of this track accelerates at light speed. Accented by layered tones that delicately dip in and drop out with premeditated precision, this groove will keep things moving.
You last stop ’N-Gonal’ takes a more serious turn, making you feel as if things are spinning out of control. Accompanied by a haunting vocal and thick bass, every sound causally enters with the changes that contributes to the feeling you’ve travelled too far. Parallel drums dive deep and return in rhythm with filtered wave effects that wash over the entire arrangement. The synchronicity of this selection is quite staggering.

TITLE: Interstellar
LABEL: Silencio
FORMATS: Digital

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