About DHT

Deep house Tehran established in 2014 by Farbodarwish and Nesa Azadikhah  is the leading iranian  underground house and electronic music magazine exclusive for iranian artists with (mixes,interviews,biography,music business,workshop,software,equipments, etc. )

Deep House Tehran

  • Mixes include one hour Dj sets broadcasting weekly trough RadioJavan.com and covers Iranian young artists and talents worldwide. The artists are selected precisely between artists who have released music and worked with recording labels and producers. Sharooz, Sam Farsio,Bardia F and Namito are a few to mention. Deep House Tehran have amassed 3 Million plays form the podcasts and has nearly !00K plays weeky which can be listened and   played trough Radio javan, DHT Soundcloud page and DHT’s Telegram Channel.
  • Interviews include information and talks with Iranian artists who have upcoming EPs and tours.
  • Biographies include information about new talents and artists and Djs worldwide.
  • Music Business news covers different aspects of music production world and interactions between artists and recording labels.
  • Workshops include educational programs for young amateur and professional artists to increase musical knowledge and also live performances by selected artists.
  • Software News includes information and reviews of new D.A.Ws and Plug Ins.
  • Equipment News includes information and reviews of Instruments and new technologies used for music production and Djing.

We maintain a consistently engaging stream of electronic music content by strategically partnering with only the best artists, labels and brands. We ensure higher like-ability per post by carefully spacing out our content across the day.